Kevin M. Thomas

Thank you all again for your continued support my new album, "Generation Rock", releases today and is under the ALBUMS tab on the site here.  Check it out!

Check out this video article interview with KevinMThomas and MikeCarnell which gives DEEP insight into KevinMThomas and his music!

Check out our review from GTS!

Check this out! New remake with Vince Tomanelli on YouTube! Don't miss this!

Today Vince Tomanelli and I released a timeless classic remake of AC/DC's, "Highway To Hell".  Check it out today!

Check me out on the, "Bumming With Bobcat" podcast this Sunday at 11pm EST.  You can tune in directly at:

Thank you all for your support! My new album releases today, "Classic Rock" inspired by BonScott!

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