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What inspires you to write songs?  Is it an emotion?  Is it a time and place?  Is it a professional ambition?

There are many reasons why one would like to write a song.  Songwriting can be thought of much like a journal entry as well or a short story.  The more ways you look at it the more one can get a more intimate relationship with the craft of writing in general.

It is important to take that inspiration and channel it into the subject matter of your song.  Think again about your target audience and what inspires them. Do not be afraid to do research to build a profile of their behavior and try to objectify their wants and needs in order to develop a great story.

Inspiration and focus is what you need as a Songwriter. It is important to take a snapshot in your mind of a time and place of what you are writing about and much like a photograph, think about all the small details and write them down.

When you have all the small details on paper, you can use them much like a a series of different ink patches to apply to your song.


1)What inspires you to write songs?  Write down some ideas on paper or an electronic journal.

2)Focus on that inspiration as if it is a photograph.  Write down the small details of that inspiration and think about how that has shaped you and then project that to a new Song that you are writing so that you can get deeper details on the target market of your work.  Physically writing down the details of what inspires you will be exercise when you are projecting yourself into the mind of your target market for your respective song.


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