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Do you write the lyrics or the music first when writing a song?  I find myself every six months or so changing this up and when I do I normally end up changing the style from a full band song to an acoustic style.

Before I babble on about that, I want you to consider your writing style as the more you understand about yourself the more you can figure out what works and what does not.

I often find it easier to get a good simple riff that I can build a melody around and then shape a story around it.  For me it is often hard to take a storyline and build music to it.

I think it is important to deliberately change things up from time to time to see where you might go when developing a song.  You could very well stumble upon something great which could launch you into an area you have never been.


1)How do you normally write your songs, music first or lyrics first?

2)Which ever style you do above, try the opposite and contrast that work to your others and see if you might find an opening to a different style that you may not have come across in the past which can augment your songwriting ability.


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