Kevin M. Thomas

Do you like to write music with pen and paper or on the computer or tablet?  I have tried many different ways to jot down ideas both on paper and computer and have used different styles depending on the song I was writing.

When you use paper you can write all over the page and compartmentalize phrases, thoughts or just about anything.  When I write with the computer it keeps it cleaner to organize thoughts but there is just something special about the old school method.

I find that when I am struggling with a song, I will grab a pad and pen and start writing ideas, thoughts, themes all over the page and within minutes I normally get a break and move back to the computer.


1)What medium do you use when writing songs?

2)If you normally use the computer try writing old school and vice versa.  Take notes on how your process may change when you try something that is out of your comfort zone.


This blog is dedicated to YOU, the professional Songwriter.  I am here for YOU and to help YOU reach success.  Please post below a question or topic that you would like covered in this practical advice for Songwriters blog.  I look forward to making your dreams come true together!

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If you have any questions please ask them below as I am excited to take this journey with you together!  Let us together work on a practical solution for your music! 

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