Kevin M. Thomas

What times of the day do you tend to write songs?  I tend to write early in the morning.  It is between my 2nd cup and 3rd cup of coffee.

I start with the music and try to get that groove going.  I like this time of the day as no one is around and there are very few interruptions so that I can concentrate fully.

I usually think about the basic groove or riff of the song throughout the day and tend to write the lyrics at night.  The lyrics are much easier for me as it tends to take me longer to get that good groove that will lead to a song.


1)When do you normally write songs?

2)Experiment and write your next song at different times of day. Take some notes to see if you struggle with it and if you do, what is the result of the final product?  Is it the same as your others, better or worse?  Doing this exercise can take you to a whole new level its worth the shot!


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