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What days of the week do you tend to write songs?  Do you write songs on random days or do you have a day or set of days you utilize to write your songs?

I tend to write on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday early morning for the groove and late at night for the lyrics.  I have experimented with various other days and it just did not have the impact that this strategy has given me.

Much like exercise, when you try different routines it can get stale however it can also provide discipline.  I struggle with this as I will always mix it up from time to time to try to see if I can train a different part of my brain to be open to something new and undiscovered.


1)What days of the week do you normally write songs?

2)Try a different set of days or day if you write once a week and take detailed notes on how your songs turn out compared to normal.  Are they very similar or different?  Have you stumbled upon new ideas by trying this technique?  This can open up your songwriting and your process in a big way however it depends on the person.


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