Kevin M. Thomas

Are you afraid of being told your songs are terrible?  The first thing you must do is truly understand whether the critique is genuine or the result of a malicious intent.

People are by nature self-centered and perhaps may be jealous of your boldness to write a song.  The opposite may be true as well as someone who has a good ear for what works might be trying to help.

All I ask is you consider the above when someone is tearing apart your work.

Songwriting if you are referring to professional Songwriting has a goal to appeal to a specific target market.  If you are working to research evergreen and non-evergreen content that can appeal specifically to your target market when writing a song, you have a great chance of success when developing the story.

If you remember nothing else, remember this, people want to listen to something familiar, something that resonates with them and connects with them directly so when crafting a song, it is important to put yourself in the exact shoes of your target market.


1)When was the last time some said your writing is bad and how did you react?

2)When someone last made a critique of your work did you take the time to really examine the motivation of the person making the critique and take a deep dive on their intellectual authority and place to really get at if it is a jealous remark or genuine critique?


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