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What band or solo artist is your biggest musical influence?  For me the answer is very clear - AC/DC and in particular Bon Scott.  I chose to write this article today as it is the late and great Bon's Scott's birthday today.  God rest his soul as he means everything to me and my Songwriting.

It is critical to really understand what motivates you as a Songwriter because the more you understand about what connects you to music the better tuned you will be to connect with the audience that you wish to write for.  

Put more simply, the more you understand about what motivates you the better you can exploit your talents and passions as people will connect to a genuine passion.  My advice is to focus on this and go with it.

I ask that you to meditate and reflect on what your biggest influence is and how you might be able to write some amazing songs based on that passion and drive.


1)Reflect on what band or solo artist empowered you to write your first song.

2)Focus and introspect on that passion and write down some examples of what you like about that influence and how you might utilize some of those techniques in your own Songwriting.


This blog is dedicated to YOU, the professional Songwriter.  I am here for YOU and to help YOU reach success.  Please post below a question or topic that you would like covered in this practical advice for Songwriters blog.  I look forward to making your dreams come true together!

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2017-07-14 13:13:50 - Kevin M. Thomas
Robert I completely agree with you. The purpose of this blog is to give some ideas if a Songwriter is seeking a new way to craft their work. Diversity is the key.
2017-07-10 04:36:02 - Robert Taylor
More of a thought than a question really, ive bbeen been writing stuff since I was a kid, nothing of any significance, mostly writing for bands ive played in,these days more of a sorta hoppy than anything, I wasn't aware there was any kind of rule book on writing, ive been influenced by many genres over the years from trad jazz to heavy, I think its important for any songwriter to have the freedom to express themselves with any type of music that washes over them at the time, diversity is the key I think. Robert
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